5 Key Benefits

When it comes to furniture care products, natural beeswax is one of the biggest sellers in the world. So, what is the story behind its success? Here are five reasons why it’s remained a firm favourite of many.

Cleans, nourishes, and protects

Beeswax is unique in that it cleans, nourishes, and protects wood. Modern cleaning products, while effective at killing germs, can sometimes be a little harsh on surfaces like wood. As a result, it can lose some of its natural oils, which can lead to problems further down the line. Beeswax can protect wood from sunlight, dust, airborne pollutants, and water damage. It also has antimicrobial properties, so users can be sure that their wooden surfaces are totally clean.

Enhances the natural beauty of wood

If someone wants to keep their wooden furniture looking beautiful, then a product made of natural beeswax should be their next purchase. Beeswax instantly brings shine and lustre back to even the most tired pieces of wood, deepening its colour and enhancing the grain. It’s an effective product for improving the condition of wood. As it is a clear wax, it also has the bonus of not altering or muting the colour of the wood.

Easy to apply

Beeswax is incredibly easy to apply, as it is a soft wax. As you can see exactly how much you are using and a little goes a long way, many find it to be a more cost-effective option than aerosol cleaning products. All you need to do is apply the beeswax to a clean surface, give it a few minutes to sink in, and then buff it with a cloth. It’s easy to see when it needs re-applying too. It repels water – so when a droplet sinks into the wood rather than bead on the surface, you know to use beeswax once again.

Used by professionals

Beeswax has been used to clean furniture for hundreds of years and is used by professionals as well as those cleaning wooden furniture in their own homes. In fact, most professional cleaners recommend beeswax over most of the other, newer cleaning products on the market. As it is found in professional grade cleaning products alongside ones that can be bought on the high street, beeswax is popular with manufacturers looking to make cleaning products for all levels of use and expertise.

Suited to all kinds of wood

Finally: one of the major selling points of beeswax is that it can be used on any kind of wood. From beech to yew, it delivers the same fantastic results. It is also perfect for use on wooden veneers, which you’ll find a lot on antique pieces. Its range and versatility mean that beeswax can be effectively marketed in a huge variety of furniture care products, as customers with pieces ranging from heirlooms all the way to brand new furniture will be able to use it with peace of mind.

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