The world of cosmetology is ever-evolving. With physical appearance gain more and more popularity with the crowd, aestheticians are looking for viable solutions for the general population.

One such latest development is the Microcurrent Technology

What is microcurrent technology?

Youthful skin has plenty of skin compounds like collagen, elastic, GAGs, etc. These help in keeping the skin taut, dewy, and soft. However, as we age, the production of these compounds decreases. Skin goes wrinkly, fine lines appear, softness dissipates and is taken over by textured skin.

Many people seek the top skin specialist in Islamabad for remedying and slowing this damage done by aging. And microcurrent targets this exact skin problem.

By using a low voltage current, muscles of the face are stimulated by its soft waves. This wave essentially mimics the natural current of the body and leads to increased ATP production.

Adenosine triphosphate or ATP is an important molecule that carries energy for driving different processes in the body. It thus helps in the improved production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Microcurrent Technology

Moreover, microcurrent also aids in increased amino acid uptake and improved protein synthesis. As proteins are the basic building blocks of the body, their increased production directly improves the skin as well.

Microcurrent technology is able to produce these results due to the fact that the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin. Current causes these muscles to start the entire cycle of skin rejuvenation. So, it won’t be much useful elsewhere in the body.

Over time, with regular and religious use of the microcurrent technology, facial skin becomes taut and smooth due to the increased production of the respective compound. But that is not all!

Microcurrent technology is also aimed at the re-working of the muscles as well. Certain facial muscles get overworked, which leads to changes in the skin as well. For example, people who frown a lot get furrows on their forehead, likewise for the smile brackets.

 Similarly, some muscles are not worked enough, due to which they atrophy, and the skin starts to sag in that region. Hence, microcurrent also helps to change and re-educate these muscles.

Consequently, facial muscles become toned. Thus, the contours of the face also improve and become sharper and more pronounced.

Why is microcurrent gaining popularity?

In the digital age that we live in, appearances are of utmost importance, regardless of the profession, status, etc. Everyone gets seen, and everyone wants to be seen in the right light. Aging, on the other hand, is perceived as an anti-thesis of beauty.

Hence, people from all walks of life are vested in the anti-aging domain of the beauty industry already. But an important point which has contributed to its further popularity is the fact that it’s completely non-invasive. No painful surgeries or injections, just, current!

Is microcurrent technology safe?

While the prevalence of microcurrent facials has been a fairly recent development, the technology itself has been around for almost 4 decades. It was initially used for pain relief. Therefore, there is ample research on it to back its safety for use

The current produced tries to imitate the current already present in the body, hence, it is not painful or discomforting either.

However, certain people should not be getting this treatment. Those who are pregnant or nursing are asked to stay clear of it. Moreover, people with (severe) acne are similarly not advised this procedure.

Similarly, people with metal implants like pacemakers, etc. should also not be opting for microcurrent facials. Likewise, those who have had Botox injections in the face have already had their muscles frozen and thus are not going to benefit from this technology.

What does the entire exercise entail?

The experience of the microcurrent facial will depend entirely on where you get it done from, your skin type, number of sessions, and obviously, if you want to buy the handheld device and do it yourself.

The exercise itself is rather simple and does not entail much. Initially, gel is applied to the face to make the movement of the machine smoother. Then, the machine wands are worked all over the face. Specific movements should be followed for the uplifting of the skin. The time and the technique are subject to the machine being used, who is performing the facial etc.

While at-home microcurrent facials are gaining popularity due to the ease of use of the devices, experts warn that the result will not be as profound as with a professional. For a more pronounced impact, your best bet would be visiting the best skin specialist in Islamabad rather than investing in the devices, which are also very costly as well.