Relaxing in hot tub is one of the good ways to enjoy your time. When you are tired after working or doing various activities, you can sink your body inside the hot tub. The warm water will do its magic to make your body relaxed. It is satisfying experiences that will make you addicted. Of course, it is not bad thing to get addicted to bathing inside the hot tub. Even, doing it regularly will bring many benefits. In addition to relaxation, it is useful to maintain your heath. That is why it is worth to buy when you really need a hot tub. Wood burning hot tub can become your choice. It is like a semi-traditional hot tub in which you still use wood as the source of heat, but it is the attractive point of the hot tub. Even it looks traditional, it is easy to use, and it works well as a great hot tub.

Design and Quality of Wood Burning Hot Tub

Design of the hot tub is not as traditional as what you think. Instead, it looks modern with its design. All parts are assembled well so you see a design of hot tub. Its external appearance has accent of wood. It is raw spruce wood. It is not just the matter of appearance since the spruce wood is picked to give better durability for the hot tub. The wood is great in term of strength and appearance. It has good sturdiness so high exposure of water, humidity, and temperature will not big threat for the hot tub. Then, nice design will also be found when you check the inside of hot tub. It uses fiberglass material. It has smooth surface with curves that follow your body line. Then, fiberglass is light in term of its weight, but it is strong and sturdy. That is why the water pressure of its huge volume and weight will not be big problem to handle. Even, you can choose the color of its fiberglass shell and there are some options for it.

Complete Sets in the Hot Tub

When you purchase the hot tub, you get complete set. It is not only about its main hot tub, but there are some additional parts. In this case, log burner is included, and you can choose between the integrated or external log burners. Next, the hot tub has flue and chimney. These are necessary to manage the smoke since you need to burn wood to get the heat source. Some simple yet useful parts are available. For example, you get paddle to stir the water. Next, you can get stairs as the access to get into the tub. As for its extra protection, you get cover lid so there will no leaves and other debris that may enter the inside of tub when it is not in use.

Proper Maintenance for the Hot Tub  

Proper maintenance is necessary for the hot tub. However, it is not complicated maintenance that can be quite costly. It uses the log burner, so you do not need to worry about problems with electricity. Then, your attention is mostly about its tub. The fiberglass tub needs special attention since you need to maintain its cleanness. It should be cleaned and emptied after you use it. It is not difficult to do since it has drainage plug on the bottom of the tub. Then, you can clean the tub surface easily by using cloth or sponge.