It is, of course, a privilege in itself if one of your grandparents is still alive. You have an extra family member with whom you can experience a wonderful time. However, this can sometimes lead to very difficult situations. Your grandpa/grandma can feel very alone because he/she has lost a partner in the past. And as much as you’d love to visit every day, this probably won’t fit into your schedule. Fortunately, there are also ways to combat the loneliness of your grandparent. Think of online dating! In this blog we tell you more about why you should help your grandparent in online dating.

Moment of bonding

You can create a really good relationship with your grandpa/grandma by helping him/her with online dating. It will initially be very weird to create a profile when he/she has to do it all by himself/herself. Fortunately, you as a grandchild can help with this. You will probably have a bit more understanding of the way things work on the internet and your grandparents can make good use of this. This also ensures that you have actively helped in creating the profile, et cetera. Not only will this make for a good bond, but it will probably be a lot of fun and can be very satisfying for yourself!

Fighting Loneliness

The main reason why you should help your grandparents with online dating is, of course, to combat loneliness. Through online dating, he/she can come into contact with other single elderly people. They will then start talking via the platform and perhaps start a conversation with each other. Based on this conversation, it may just be that your grandparent has a partner again! This does not have to be a romantic partner, but a friendly partner can also do a lot about loneliness. Are you looking for a platform where you can register your grandparent? Be sure to check out This is a trustworthy platform for online dating for elderly people!