The major signals for the natural skin are a natural glow on it which causes the skin to be smoother and more attractive.  Most people just take skin as a visible outer layer of the body but in actual physicians take it as the organ of the body which shows that it is a quite alive part and required much important skin cares. The skin is that layer of the immune system which acts as a shield between the individual and the germs like viruses, bacteria, etc. As well as, it also protects the inner parts from the sun, cold, moisture, cuts, rashes, germs, etc. The skin is that part of the body which gets ill or healthy like other body parts as well as by less sleeping hours, stress, aging, diets, etc. leaves a complexion on your skin both negatively and positively. Some people used to add medicines in their diets or apply them too on their skins to look young, or to have the fresh glory skin but that is not enough. Some other tips are also necessary to have natural skin texture.

Here are few tips to make your skin fresh, young, healthy and to have skin glow naturally, which are as follows:

Cleanse it regularly

Clean your skin by using the cleanser to thoroughly eradicate the dirt particles from the face parts like oil, pollution, grime, etc. which blocks the pores with dirt and causes skin dullness. Try to use the small amount face cleanser two times a day and wash your face thoroughly with light fingers in a circular motion. One can do the deep cleansing with the facial brush as well for the thorough cleaning of the face and to remove the dead skin particles.

Skin Exfoliation

One of the best ways to brighten the skin is also through the exfoliation. It gives immediate glowing effects and removes the dead layer of skin to have smoother clear skin. It’s best to apply the face scrubs or a chemical exfoliation twice a week or on the basis of the skin type to have better effects. The moisture also plays its great part by scrubbing the skin regularly to have the dead skin removed as well as to brighten up the skin with it. Choose such skin moisture which contains the skin-repairing humectants. Keeping skin moisture helps the skin to stay healthy rather than being dried in parts giving a hard look. It is also being researched in a study by Wizemann, that to have bright skin and to enhance the glow for a long time one should do it by exfoliating.

Take short warm showers instead of long hot showers

Taking showers for long hours with hot water causes more dryness in the skin which leads to the roughness. It’s better to take the showers for short spans with the warm water to keep the skin moisture and active. Taking of hot water showers takes away with them the protective oil layers of the skin as well. So, it’s best to limit the shower for 10 to 13 minutes maximum and keep the water either warm or cool.

Keep your body hydrated

To keep your face shiny, radiant and body hydrated one should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep the body hydrated and to remove toxins from the skins and body. Intake of much water helps to improve the density and thickness of the skin along with the flushing of toxins from the body and helps to improve the proper skincare functioning process of the body. So, one should keep drinking the water to manage the dry and hydrated skin. It’s evident that the water intake plays a tremendous role in keeping the skin shiny and healthy with the bright face tone.

Intake of antioxidant-rich food

Taking medicine and using scrubs or lotions is not just enough. One should really focus on their intakes for their improved skins. Add up grapes, strawberries, cherries, nuts, walnuts, fresh juices, etc. for boosting the immune system as well as the processes of skin cares within the body. Such an intake of antioxidants fights against the free radicals to protect the skin especially against the UV damages like hyperpigmentation.

Add bath-inns

To have the glowing skin and to avoid the dry and itchy skin one should add the bath-ads. Like, add half a pound of sea salt and baking soda to detoxify your skin. Adding tea bags in bath water helps to provide the antioxidants as well as an amazing fragrance. Taking the one cup powdered milk with a tablespoon of grapeseed oil acts as a powerful dose for the skin as well because the lactic acid in milk helps exfoliate the skin and the grape seed oil gives a powerful medication to the skin. Even applying ice wrapped towel for the dry itchy skins is also effective. Such moist cold helps to relieve your skin and helps in the circulation of warm blood. But the coldness should not be extreme that it could hurt.


Taking care of skin is an important act along with caring for other parts of the body. By moisturizing the skin, exfoliating it and giving proper attention like eating healthy and doing healthy one can help the skin to fight against dryness and dehydration. By doing small regular acts one can look pretty attractive shiny and glow in the skin textures.