Multivitamin tablets have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. More and more people have made them a part of their everyday routine. But it is really important to know what kind of multivitamin will best suit your health needs.

You might be eating a healthy diet, but it would not provide all the essential nutrients. Also keeping in mind, the fact that your body’s nutritional requirements keep changing with age, the best way to get the daily dose of nutrients is through multivitamin tablets. If you are a senior citizen or have senior citizens in your family, then we highly recommend you consider GNC multivitamins for them. These are specially formulated keeping in mind the dietary and health needs of senior men and women.

Include these 5 best GNC multivitamins for senior citizens’ overall health and well-being.

1.GNC Mega Men 50 Plus One Daily Multivitamin

GNC Mega Men 50 Plus One Daily Multivitamin is one of the bestselling multivitamin tablets for men above the age of 50 years. It is an ultra-concentrated and potent formula with the goodness of 39 important nutrients. It provides 18 vitamins and minerals at 100% daily value or more. As a dietary supplement, you should take 1 caplet daily or as recommended by your doctor.

Some of the main benefits of this GNC multivitamin are – it has advanced heart blends for heart, brain, and eye health, features B group vitamins for enhanced metabolism and energy production, is enriched with lycopene and saw palmetto for optimal prostrate function and normal urinary flow.

2.GNC Women’s Multivitamin 50 Plus

One of the best multivitamin tablets for women above the age of 50 years is GNC Women’s Multivitamin 50 Plus. It contains the goodness of 38 essential nutrients specially formulated to maintain your health.

The main benefits are – it is rich in antioxidants to help protect against damage caused by free radicals, is enriched with calcium and vitamin D to support bone health, provides hyaluronic acid, collagen and carotenoids to support eye & skin health, and has choline for memory support. As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets daily with food or as suggested by your doctor.

3.GNC Mega Men 50 Plus

Next on the list of best multivitamin tablets for senior citizens is GNC Mega Men 50 Plus. It contains the right balance of vitamins and minerals and each serving provides 37 essential nutrients.

GNC Mega Men 50 Plus helps you provide your daily dose of essential nutrients. The main benefits if including this multivitamin tablet in your routine are – rich in antioxidants which helps to prevent against damage caused due to oxidative stress, includes vitamin B6 and folic acid that play an important role in supporting cardiovascular health, supports brain and eye health, and great for prostrate health and boosting vitality. You should take it as a dietary supplement, one tablet every day with breakfast or lunch.

4.GNC Mega Men Heart Multivitamin

Taking care of the heart is one of the top concerns for senior citizens. With GNC Mega Men Heart Multivitamin you get the extra nutritional support to take care of various aspects of your heart health. Taking it regularly will help support healthy cholesterol levels and may reduce the risk of heart diseases.

With an advanced nutrient blend, it promotes healthy blood pressure levels, boosts immunity, and provides 1600 IU of vitamin D as well. It supplies Heart Protection Blend with L-arginine, L-carnitine, policosanol and CoQ-10 to support a healthy heart and maintain blood vessel tone. GNC Mega Men Heart Multivitamin should be taken as a dietary supplement. Take 3 tablets daily with food. Maintain an active lifestyle, stay away from smoking and alcohol, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy balanced diet for best results and to take care of your heart in an optimal way.

5.GNC Mega Men Prostrate and Virility Multivitamin

GNC Mega Men Prostrate and Virility Multivitamin is one of the bestselling multivitamin tablets for senior men. Often sexual health and well-being goes neglected, but that’s not a good practice. With age, some men might need support in the form of high-quality multivitamin tablets for their sexual well-being and GNC multivitamins are great for that purpose.

It is enriched with saw palmetto and lycopene to support prostrate health, and a potent arginine and herb blend helps with sexual health. It provides 1600 IU of vitamin D3 for immunity and colon support, and is rich in antioxidants that help prevent against damage caused due to free radicals. As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily with food.

Head to to buy all these multivitamin tablets and you can also browse through the complete range of GNC multivitamins for men, women, and children. Shopping on the website is really easy and convenient. You can read all the product information and avail great deals and discounts.

It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before including any new multivitamin tablets in your routine. Also stick to the mentioned dosage on the package to avoid any side effects and allergic reactions.